Our goal is to have completely satisfied customers.  We listen to your needs and provide the services that you are interested in.

Phone Systems

We have been selling and servicing Vodavi phone systems since 1984 because of their excellent quality and dependability.  The basic unit has 4 incoming lines with 8 digital stations and 2 analog stations.  The system will expand up to 24 incoming lines and 48 digital stations as your business grows.  If your business is relocating, we will remove and reinstall your current phone system in your new location.

Voicemail Systems

With the Vodavi STSe phone system, we can install an 8 port, 64 box voicemail system without reducing the capabilities of your phone system.  With a voicemail system, you have the ability to answer all incoming lines with the auto attendant or answer each call personally.  The voicemail system also gives callers the ability to access employees directly with dial by name directory.

Music or Message on Hold

We can install music or a custom message for your customers to listen to while on hold. The benefits of this feature lets the person on hold know that they are still connected and have not been dropped from your system. The custom message on hold informs the caller about the services your company offers and any other information you would like to convey.

Paging Systems & Loud Ringers

We install paging systems and loud ringers in businesses that require these types of features.  Paging systems help reduce valuable time spent locating employees in warehouse like settings.

Data Networks

We install, test, and label category 5 and category 6  data network cabling for computer systems. We also troubleshoot and repair existing network cabling.

Residential Wiring & Repair

We install and repair low voltage wiring in homes for phones, network systems, television cabling and stereo systems. We also prewire and trim out  new homes.

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